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Christmas For Everyone Welcome to the website where you can make someone else's Christmas a special one.   Christmas For Everyone helps the working poor and the lonely Seniors but we can not do it without you. Please join us in preparing for our 26th year to be better than ever!



Volunteer Now!
You can make a difference. Experience not necessary. Age, race, gender does not matter. What does matter are the children and folks you help. And you matter to them.


Kendall Bercaw

Kendall Bercaw has been on the Christmas For Everyone committee since she was 8 years old until she went away to college.

Pictured is Kendall Bercaw at her Rollins MBA graduation ceremony holding her diploma and her Leadership award plaque. The Leadership award was top secret until the ceremony. She was selected by the faculty and her MBA classmates. We are so proud of her!.


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